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At first, there is nothing. Slowly you become aware of your surroundings: a vast chamber, featureless and apparently endless with the only break in the monotony a single door, slightly ajar.

You get the impression of incompleteness, not just in the infinite emptiness of this space, but in yourself, as well. It is as if, like the room, you are unformed. You know it is possible to leave this place, but you are compelled by the slightly open portal. Drawing nearer, the door swings wide to reveal the splendor beyond.

Before you lies the gateway to another world. Sights and sounds pour in, overwhelming the senses in an indescribable cacophony. There is excitement and terror and sorrow and elation. Through the door is not just another world—it is worlds! What awaits the explorer cannot be known unless they take the first step beyond the portal. If you have the desire to explore, freely enter into a new reality...

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Generic article | Nov 19, 2022

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