After the fall of Man.
  Humanity fractures.
  Old gods return.
  Magic is reborn.
  It is the Beginning
  of the End.


Following the Catastrophe, the remnants of the life of three worlds struggle for survival, dominance, and escape. Humanity has diverged into two distinct species, the Aevi have returned and brought their reality with them, and a once-mighty alien species carves out a continent to call its own.

The Tribe is the endangered flock the Lawgivers, what were once known as "Superheroes", shepherd. No longer quite human, the Tribe has evolved in a harsher world and a simpler life. They sport more powerful physiques and natural weaponry but have lost some of the cunning for which Humanity was once infamous. There are three distinct "breeds" of the Tribe, each sporting the optimal adaptations for its chosen homeland. The plains people, something like bipedal great cats, are lightly furred, lithe and lean. The Tribe of the north sports shaggy coats of layered fur that can keep them warm on the coldest nights. The desert Tribe has called up the reptilian ancestry of mammals locked deep in their genetic code.

From the perspective of pure genetics the Surhurae are still very Human, but they have lost something intrinsic to the nature of Humanity. Most of them are now almost fully synthetic and only a scant handful are capable of reproduction. The Surhurae have found a path to near-immortality in the ancient lore of their city-dwelling predecessors. In their relentless search for technology, they will discover and disturb the resting place of a god. In their vain grasping for continued existence, they harvest DNA from whatever they can capture.

Cracked Planet


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Where do each of the Tribes live?

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