The original home of the Aevi, the magical peoples of Earth, and the stage upon which the Patriarch, whose creation would change the fate of the world, first let Its presence be known.

This Generation gives rise to some of the greatest myth cycles of Humanity. The tales of Atlantis, dragons, and the rise and fall of the First Generation of Humankind. The true stories have been corrupted with retelling, with editing for the sake of the lowest common denominator.

Eden was, indeed, a lush land of verdant hills and valleys wild, but it was far more than a simple garden. The Kingdom of Eden, founded by the Aevi and inherited by the godman Eido, the All-Father, was the realization of a lasting peace between all the peoples of Gaia. It was a kingdom that could have, perhaps should have, lasted forever. It seems that jealousy is, perhaps, more powerful than love and violence more enduring than peace.


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Any kingdoms in Eden?

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