Self-Appointed Lords of the Aevi

The Valori were the second born but are, in their own estimation, the most pure. The progenitors of the lineage were formed of breath and mana alone. They are thus nearly weightless, timeless, and intensely magical. While few other beings can claim such command of the forces of magic as can a Valori magus, they are simultaneously more deeply affected by magical effects as they strike right to the heart of their very composition.

The Valori ruled Eden for uncounted generations of "lesser" beings and for ages before any but the Dragus and themselves existed there. Of that which exists between the clouds and the crust within the bounds of Eden, there is almost nothing of which the Valori do not know. When the Adahm came, with their fleeting, hungry lives and boundless numbers, the Valori retreated to the deepest green. Not even Pangi range so far into the woodlands.

Valori are not really made of flesh in the sense the Adahm and, later, Humanity would know it. They are physical beings, to be sure. Any who have felt the sting of their blades and lived could attest to that. But they do not suffer the ailments of fleshy things and should they be murdered or choose to die, they leave no trace of a corpse in their passing, their mana rejoining the flow of the planet, the breath dissipating as breath is wont to do.

Valori arms and armor are all of wood but are at least the equivalent of steel in sharpness and strength and much lighter. Unlike a broken steel sword, however, Valori blades may be healed in the same way they were forged, losing no strength in the process.

Valori craftspeople are almost universally woodsingers who literally sing the living wood of their trees into the desired forms. This is itself a form of magery but does not require the shaping of mana for effect. Instead the elves sing to the spirits of the trees who may or may not agree with the desires of the woodsinger. Traditions almost as old as the Valori make such agreement more likely, but one never knows when they might come up against a stubborn cedar.

Defining Features

  • Immunity: Disease
  • Adept
  • Super Agility
    • Cat's Landing
  • Weightless
  • Undying
  • Weakness: Magic


  • Ranger
  • Mage - Arcanium or Elementum schools.
  • Woodsinger
  • Outcast

Refresh: 3

Stunts: 1


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