Built for Battle

Poetically dubbed "Synsols", the Mark I synthetic soldiers were, at once, resounding success and abysmal failure. Only five of the three hundred Mark I's reached maturity. Of these only three saw active service, the other two relegated to vivisection and study. Synsols (pronounced "Sin Souls") 1-3 were employed in a variety of black ops determined too inhumane for even the most loyal human or meta troops.

The Synsols were perfect for this duty. With "no emotions" and no moral compass, the Synsols performed the most ruthless operations and brutal executions with flawless perfection. They were killing machines. They were tools, equipment, anything but thinking, feeling beings. They were designed that way: heartless, efficient war on two legs.

They were more than the sum of their parts.

  • Alpha Nictate "Raylight" - Infiltrator; advance scout
  • Gamma Hilithis "Darkfall" - Decimator; pacification specialist
  • Omega Ryonis "Dawnbringer" - Cleaner; anti-tracker


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