Shadows are strange, semi-physical beings of darkness. They do not often attack but, if they do make physical contact, Shadows drain energy from physical beings due to their negative presence. Myth and fable have called Earth-wandering Shadows ghosts, shades, specters, and the like. The most popular name for these creatures in mythology is "wraith". Shadows are not, however, the restless dead or, indeed, dead of any sort. On the contrary, they are immortal.

Shadows are former Humans, dreamers typically, who struck a deal with the Shadow Lord trading immortality for servitude. They dwell in the Sixth almost exclusively though occasionally a service will require their visiting other Paradigms. They are able to move between the Near Paradigms with only minor difficulty, using darkness as a gateway.

Because they are capable of being no more than a shadow upon the wall, they are capable of impressive feats of infiltration as they simply slide beneath a door through a crack scarcely wide enough to admit a breath of air.

Shadows may barter their services directly if so inclined, but more often they are assigned duties by the Shadow Lord who collects payment for both servants and the information the Shadows collect in their journeys throughout Threshold.

Shadows do not engage in physical conflict. Generally, they have no need to do so as their stealthy natures ensure escape is always an option. Tinglers have been known to hunt the creatures for sport, but upon death the Shadow Lord can recall his charges from oblivion and return them to service. The price of immortality is also the guarantee.

Defining Features

  • Immortal
  • Invisibility
  • (Limited) Phasing
  • Shadowgate
  • Eternal Service


  • Information Broker
  • Sneak Thief
  • Gentleperson's Gentleperson

Refresh: 6


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