Tragic Beauties and Fallen Royalty

All Faeri are composed of a prime element, though this may take multiple forms. Faeri of water may be born of liquid water, ice or steam. Faeri of earth might be composed of stone, earth or the things which grow from it.

This gives rise to tales of nyads and green men, nymphs and ifrit. In reality, these are all bloodlines of the same species. There is nothing preventing a faeri composed of fire from mating with one made of wood other than logistics. They may breed true and their offspring will favor one of the elements but may display traits of both, such as an appearance akin to lava showing the earthy origins but favoring fire.

Faeri are explicitly not elementals in spite of any appearance (or claim) to the contrary. They may not be summoned nor controlled by elemental magic. Indeed, as creatures composed of prime elements and mana, they are the source of the elemental school.

Defining Traits

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Apr 1, 2023 18:40 by Rachael Dixon

What kind of elements are part of the Faeri?

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