These are negative character traits in addition to any Trouble or Drawback that character may possess. Taking a disadvantage should be carefully considered as your narrator should make you roleplay these at all times. In addition, disadvantages may be compelled by the narrator (not other players) for free when appropriate circumstances present themselves. This means that you will not receive a Fate point for accepting the compel, but you may still spend a Fate point to prevent the complication from happening. This means that a disadvantage will act as a constant drain on your Fate points.

Some disadvantages may have other effects.

Your narrator may elect to award an extra refresh point for taking a disadvantage. No matter how many disadvantages you take, however, only one such point may be gained.

A disadvantage may be removed later by effectively paying that point back. Whatever your specific disadvantage, if it can be "fixed" within the confines of the narrative, any such "cure" must be roleplayed and then a point of refresh may be spent to remove it.


Whether a drug, a sensation, or something more rarefied (Human brains, anyone?), you require something for your continued well-being. Only by regularly feeding your addiction can prevent being compelled.

Alien Abductee

You don't just think you were, you really were. What species took you, and for what reason, should be discussed with the narrator (or left up to the narrator if you're feeling particularly masochistic). The result of this kidnapping is emotional trauma that may be compelled for free whenever something reminds you of the event.

Alien Threat

Talk about an out of this world enemy! Whatever you did to gain the negative attention of an otherworldly power must have certainly been notable. You didn't eat any popplers, did you? Whatever the cause, the narrator is free to use this situation to your disadvantage and probably at the worst possible moments. Wedding day? Alien attack. Top secret stealth mission? Alien attack. Bathroom break? You guessed it: alien attack.


Kind of the opposite of an addiction (above) this is the thing you have to go without or suffer the consequences. While things like ragweed and peanuts are common, this kind of allergy is going to be something a bit more inconvenient—like sunlight. Forget about the beach body because for you every tan is a permanent one.


What's this one again? I forget... And so do you! More accurately a disassociative fugue, you have no idea who you really are. The ultimate secret identity, it's even secret from yourself. What caused the mental trauma that brought on the fugue state and your real history should be covered with the narrator. The only "cure" for such a statement is intensive mental health treatment, but that only works if anyone figures out you're not who you think you are. Good luck with your new life!


Not an excuse to be a jerk! You don't like people and might assume they don't like you, either. In any case, the narrator may compel this for free any time you find yourself in a social situation such as meeting new people, attending a party, or generally existing in society.

Bad Reputation

Unfortunately, your reputation precedes you. Maybe you come from the wrong side of the tracks. Maybe your family is infamous even if you aren't. Whatever the reason, all of your interactions with people are going to be increased in difficulty by +2. The question is, are they going to bother getting to know you?


Coming Soon?

Beast Animosity

"Gee, that's odd, Bosco likes everyone else..." But not you. Bosco hates you. Every animal, both wild and domesticated, is deeply disturbed by your presence. They will always attempt to flee if able and will attack if they find themselves trapped with you.


There's deadpan and then there's you. While you may invoke this as an aspect any time you need to resist the effects of what could be a highly emotional state such as terror or rage, the narrator may compel this for free whenever the situation might call for you to express warmth or tenderness to another being.


Not even a Scooby Snack can convince you to enter the haunted house. Courage is not the act of experiencing no fear, it is not allowing yourself to be conquered by it. You're the opposite of that. When the going gets scary, you get going… in the opposite direction!


Oh, you certainly crossed the wrong being... Someone powerful—a skilled mage or a celestial, perhaps—has taken a great disliking to you and has decided to ruin significantly more than just your day. Every time you roll the Fate dice, you roll them twice and take the worst result. This is a seriously difficult disadvantage with which to live and grants a bonus point of refresh because of it (2 total). Think twice before taking this one on.


You're definitely going to Hell, or whatever bad place your religion says is the reward for evil. You may be unjustly condemned, or perhaps you sold your soul for a silly can of tap water, but whatever the reason you are doomed not in this life but the next one. You are haunted by hellish visions—disturbing hallucinations during your waking hours and nightmares when you sleep.

Dark Past

This is the sort of thing that will come back to haunt you. Discuss the details with the narrator. Whatever it was you did in your past that torments you and might ruin you is going to be juicy, just keep in mind the level of darkness the table will permit.


This might mean money but it's more likely to mean the sort of commitment it could take a lifetime to pay off. Whatever it is, it colors every decision you undertake trying to find new and creative ways to get this yoke off your neck.


In a high fantasy or miraculous science sort of world, a truly disabling injury or illness is going to be uncommon to the point of affectation. That is to say that in a reality of mundane miracles, you practically have to choose to be disabled. Even so, sometimes things happen even when healing potions and Super doctors exist and one of those things may have happened to you. Whatever your specific handicap, due to developmental issues or injury, it increases the challenges you face in the world doing the sorts of things most people take for granted like using stairs or eating with a fork. Personal experience or research is recommended before taking this character trait.


You poor thing! Something is eating at you more factually than metaphorically. Your eventual dissolution may be a long way off but your life expectancy is tragically shortened and every day tends to bring some new body horror along with the dawn. This is a particularly challenging disadvantage to understand on a mature level and should not be taken lightly.


Yep, you did it and everyone saw it. Thanks to the information age anyone might have their fifteen seconds of fame, but yours was absolutely shameful. With few exceptions, everyone you meet will know who you are and just what you did. Was the video evidence a fake? Were the accusations all a lie? Doesn't matter, your reputation is ruined and it might take you years to undo the public relations damage. Better hire a publicist... an expensive one.


One of you has wronged the other and now every time you see one another blood immediately boils. It doesn't matter who started it, but it's up to you to decide how you're going to finish it. Whether this is a business rival, a political foe, or a super powered nemesis, they are out to get you every bit as much as you are out to get them. Not only that, they are your equal in every respect. Expect your enemy to show up at the worst possible moments to make your life a living hell whenever possible.

Glass Jaw

You can dish it out (maybe) but you sure can't take it. Increase all physical stress taken by two shifts.

Harmful Mutation

Not every Avatar has the advantage of genetic superiority. Sometimes things go together badly. Not only can this be compelled for free, you must overcome Great (+4) difficulty to increase or otherwise advance your power suite.


Maybe it's demons. Maybe it's the restless dead. In any case, you are constantly harried by whispers and fleeting shadows at the edges of your vision. Your dreams are never peaceful and quiet moments are full of dread as you jump at shadows. The cause of this could be mental illness and, if you ask any psychiatrist, they'll prescribe you all sorts of things. None of them work. What you need is a witch doctor.


Someone or something is out for your hide. You may not be able to stay in one place for long or maybe you can never reveal your true self in public. Whatever the case, work out the details with the narrator who is free to have this nemesis pop up at the worst possible moments.

Implant Rejection

Some people take to cybertechnology and biotech like the proverbial fish to water. Your body, on the other hand, fights the foreign material tooth and nail. There really is no cure for this, though you can take immunosuppressive drugs to temporarily alleviate the worst of it. The question is: are your implants legal? Can you even go to a legitimate doctor and what's really in those pills you've been taking? Hey, are you feeling okay?


The inverse to fame, this is the negative version to stardom. Everyone knows who you are but, unlike the current hot Hollywood commodity, they hate you. It's less more likely you are followed everywhere by the police than the paparazzi. Whatever you did, or whatever they think you did, it's pretty bad. Consider this to be the leveled up version of Dishonored, above. Everyone still hates you, but in this case there's probably jail time involved.

Mana Dead

You cannot sense, and therefore manipulate, mana on any appreciable level. This does not make you immune to magic, the mana is all around you, you just can't do anything with it. Even enchanted artifacts are lifeless hunks of matter in your grasp because you lack even the rudimentary control required to activate them.


Species: Human, Adahm; Generation: Eden, End

Memory Impairment

Much more like real amnesia, and not as entertaining as an absent minded professor might lead one to believe, you have difficulty forming new memories. Any recent event or new person in your life has a good chance to be forgotten completely. Old memories, your personality and your identity remain unaffected. This can impact your character's ability to grow and change in terms of new skills or other abilities.

Mental Illness

Covering a wide range of impairments, your character may suffer from seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, or more, in any combination. Deep research (or personal experience) is highly recommended before attempting to portray a behavioral dysfunction. This would be most appropriate for a mature table in a game with serious themes.

Mistaken Identity

You just have one of those faces. Whoever you resemble, you are constantly taken for the wrong person by casual acquaintances, fans and enemies of someone generally at least as—if not more—famous than you. This tends to complicate your life in unpredictable ways as those who have something to gain from your doppelganger, even if it's just an autograph, will constantly approach you.


This is what you get when you anger the boss of the video game. Not only is this group or individual out to get you, they are far more powerful than you are. It will be a game of cat and mouse until you are powerful or experienced enough to take on this threat. Good luck. I hope you like cheese!

Secret Identity

It's probably a bit more than a pair of glasses and a single, perfect curl of hair, but you have a secret you intend to keep and the means to do so. You probably have friends, family, a reputation or a regular job that anchors you to the mundane world that you would not like super powered thugs destroying just to hurt you. In order to protect the things you love, and yourself from tipping over into full megalomania upon losing all ties to the Natural world, you constantly hide who you "really" are, whichever part of your personality you think is the "real you". Think carefully before you share this secret with anyone in your character's life, however. Who can you really trust?

Soft Heart

You cannot stand violence of any sort. From harsh words to flying fists, it sours your stomach and shatters your resolve. You can spend Fate points to resist fleeing in the face of anything like a fight, but they are going to run out at some point. Will you abandon your teammates in their most desperate hour?


You'll probably never notice. Everything around you will, however. Maybe you were born without one, missed by the passage of angels distributing souls to all the little babies. Maybe you bartered it or had it prematurely ripped out by some kind of otherworldly forces. Whatever the reason, you are missing what is taken to be an integral part of your Humanity and it really makes you stand out. Other Humans and most animals are at least slightly uneasy in your presence and will subconsciously attempt to leave whenever you are near. Any attempts to beseech the forces of the Seven Heavens or Nine Hells automatically fail.


Species: Human, Adahm

Thin Skin

You evidently never heard about the rubber and glue. Maybe you were very sheltered in your youth or perhaps you just have a tender disposition. In any case, you suffer two additional shifts of mental stress from all sources.


You ain't got no alibi. Whatever the beauty standards of your own species might be, you violate them simply by existing. Social interactions with members of your own species are always challenging with a minimum of Great (+4) difficulty and you will find yourself generally less trusted than others. On the other hand, you always get +2 to any attempts to intimidate. Other species may or may not be insulted by your appearance. The first time you interact with an NPC of a new species in the game, you must overcome Fair (+2) difficulty. The results of that roll will determine the default interactions for people of that species.

  • Fail: Members of other species are horrified by your appearance.
  • Tie: Members of other species may be put off by your appearance, you will have to overcome Fair(+2) difficulty upon meeting them to find out.
  • Succeed: Members of the other species find your appearance neither pleasing nor displeasing, you are mundane.
  • Succeed with Style: Members of the other species find your specific appearance to be mesmerizingly beautiful.


You may be Soulless (above), and you might be Damned (above), but you definitely suffer Beast Animosity (above). In addition, any area consecrated against you causes you at least discomfort upon entry. Approaching the holiest area within the area/structure will begin to inflict stress. Holy water, the alter, or other deeply religious items may inflict conditions and coming into contact with a reliquary may kill you. Be careful around those finger bones of saints! For taking on this laundry list of downsides, you gain a total of two extra refresh.


By choice or by circumstance, you have no permanent address. You might be sleeping in your car or couch surfing in whatever friendly circumstances you can arrange, but in any case you must make special arrangements for things like a mailing address, finding a place to sleep or bathe, or generally doing the things in society that require a roof. If you have a semi-permanent sleeping arrangement in a shantytown or halfway house, you may not take this disadvantage. Only truly transient residents qualify for this disadvantage. You will be required to roleplay or at least arrange with the narrator the place where you bed down every night.


Once per scene, the narrator can force you to reroll as if you had invoked an aspect. You must keep the new result. You may then invoke an aspect to modify your roll, including for another reroll, as normal.


Your starting approaches are rated +3, +2, +1, +1, +0, +0


You have one less aspect than normal for a starting character.


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