Lords of Industry

Commonly referred to as dwarves, the Bru'narr are much shorter than Adahm or even Humans but typically double the mass. Short but very stocky, the Bru'narr are ruthless industrialists nine times out of ten, renowned for stonecraft and ceramics. Many of these Bru'narr are also skilled jewelers or clockwork artificers but such metalwork is uncommon among their people. It is seen as the lesser craft as it lacks the purity of stone. Due to the Aevi general aversion to iron, Bru'narr metalsmiths only work in brass, bronze and precious metals.

The rarer breeds, the tenth out of the ten, are typically evenly divided between magi, warriors, and sellswords. The rarest occupation found amongst the Bru'narr is the trader. The dwarves are a very isolationist people and they jealously guard their secrets. Partly due to this taciturn nature and mostly due to the frightening sharpness of them, dwarven ceramic blades are exceedingly valuable. Their efficacy and rarity both apply economic pressure.

The Bru'narr tend to revel in their history as they claim it: they are creatures of living stone and often display traits that make that seem true. They tend to be stoic and stubborn, and as physically implacable as they are mentally, as they simply will not be moved against their will.

Defining Features

  • Additional Stress box
  • Additional Mild Consequence slot
  • Short
  • Stand Fast (Super Strength Enhancement)
  • Allergy: Iron


  • Smith
  • Foreman
  • Miner
  • Cleric
  • Mage
  • Ruthless Industrialist

Refresh: 3

Stunts: 4


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