Going Bump

The Bo'garr are much maligned and often misunderstood, but that should not lead one to think these are monsters with hearts of gold. Monsters, certainly, but it is up to the individual just how much their heart might gleam.

Bo'garr are typically solitary and foul tempered, jealously guarding secrets, treasure or both, and feasting on the entrails of any foolish enough to approach their lairs. They are omnivorous to a fault and will even cannibalize another of their species should such an act prove necessary or even merely convenient. Bo'garr that have been "domesticated" tend to be a bit less free with their diet, but if push comes to shove, the next move is to swallow.

Bo'garr are very large in comparison to most of the Aevi, second in bulk only to the firstborn Draguri and Dra'gurr. They sport wickedly sharp, retractable claws and they are capable of opening their mouths to a cavernous degree, wide enough to swallow a small hominid, like a Pangi, in a single gulp. Their entire bodies, save for the pads of their hands and feet (or forepaws and rear paws) are covered in soft, shaggy fur that has the interesting property of absorbing all light that strikes it.

Bo'garr appear so deep black as to be an inky, two-dimensional blob against a three-dimensional background… until they move. In dimly lit and dark environs, this property makes them all but invisible. In a brightly lit space, it has quite the opposite effect.

For this reason, and a particular retinal sensitivity, Bo'garr are typically nocturnal.

Defining Features

  • Super Strength
  • Natural Weapon
    • Master Natural Weapon
  • Nocturnal Invisibility: In low lighting, you get +4 to all attempts to hide or sneak. On the other hand, you are Really Noticeable in the Daytime.
  • Bad Reputation
  • Allergy: Iron


  • Guard dog
  • Tough
  • Monster with a Heart of Gold
  • Monster with a Heart of Stone

Refresh: 3

Stunts: 3


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