Bhu'tarr (BOO-tar)

Barbarian Trollkin

Larger than the average Adahm in both height and build, but of lower average intellect. They are typically stronger and more durable than most other species with rapidly regenerating tissues. Descended from an extremely war-like people, Bhu'tarr society of the latter age of Eden is highly organized and displays strong ceremonial features centered on honor and glory.

All Bhu'tarr learn the Khrrv'Chk from infancy. This is their hereditary martial art. Primarily centered around heavy weapons, it helps to strengthen the body and sharpen reflexes making even the meekest among them a formidable opponent.

Bhu'Tarr fighters typically wear a leather battle brace that covers very little of their flesh save for metal plating on their upper arms and legs that serves to prevent limb loss to a similarly powerful opponent. The Bhu'tarr take pride in their scars because typically only the most grievous injuries are capable of leaving a permanent mark. To have been so badly wounded and survive shows great strength and earns many drinks at the great hall after the battle.

Bhu'tarr practice shamanism and take little truck with any magic, preferring communion with spirits and the strength of their backs to accomplish all goals. Along with dances and songs handed down across generations, Bhu'tarr also practice ritual scarification, branding themselves with hot irons. The element of fire is one of their greatest weaknesses.

Defining Features

  • Regeneration
    • Quick Recovery
  • Super Strength
  • Super Toughness
  • Natural Weapon
  • Weakness to Fire


  • Warrior
  • Spiritspeaker
  • Tradesperson
  • Warlord
  • Chieftain

Refresh: 3

Stunts: 2


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