23rd Precinct

Fighting the Good Fight

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them...

Adopting the name of the first police precinct closed upon adoption of the OATH (Officer Android Tactical Heuristics) program in Empire City's affluent "Green Street" neighborhood, the 23rd Precinct is a loose confederation of like-minded Supers and their allies that hold personal freedom in high regard. A direct response to the increasing prevalence of "metahuman laws" around the world, the 23rd Precinct offers something akin to a "normal life" for people who, while they may be gifted, don't want to be defined by it.

There are as many reasons to avoid registration as there are individuals doing so. Some may be criminals, to be sure, but many just want a life without any extra complications. The 23rd offers training, safe spaces, a network of gifted Supers and Naturals who sometimes stand on both sides of the law doing double duty between the FSCD and the 23rd Precinct.

Some very well known Supers are associated with the 23rd, including the "famously unregistered" Feedback and the registered and equally famous DoubleShot. Other notable personalities include the trickster Ghost and his oftentimes partner-in-crime, the shapeshifter Face; notorious cat burglar Ladybird; and the former Olympic martial artist known as Champ.

Among those that secretly split their duties between the FSCD and the 23rd Precinct are the gifted telepaths and sisters Harmony and Misery, the combat trainer most people just call Sarge, the Natural who goes by CD, and, most crucially, Shawn Taylor, who was once known as Blitzkrieg.

Shawn, as primary driving force behind the Prometheus Project and the Academy, is therefore also a major factor in the advent of worldwide registration efforts. The 23rd is his penance, an effort to right a wrong he himself committed in a zealous but ultimately shortsighted effort to improve the lot for Supers everywhere and make the Naturals feel safe again to ensure the Supers would actually be safe. While he is no longer able to leave his lab without risk or utilize his miraculous powers without a heavy cost to himself, his efforts towards a more equitable world are magnified by the gifts of those with whom he surrounds himself.

Political, Activist


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